The Opening of The New Natchez High School
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The end of July 2023 marks the beginning of the opening of a new chapter for the children of Natchez to continue to build the future of our great city & county. The path to the successful building and continued growth of the Natchez Adams County district of the State of Mississippi depends heavily on the development of the educational values we instill in our children. It is through a premium educational program that we groom and inspire our children to gain the wisdom of respect and the recognition of their individual talents in which they have to continue to make the community better for those who come behind them as well as preserve the challenges in which they have endured that gives the motivation to continue to move forward.

It has taken our Community and Leaders thirty years to recognize the need to build a new facility equipped with the technology to lead our children in a direction that will influence their development and value. Now is the time for us the Community to give the support and moral backing to them. The facility is a tool, and the administration and instructors are their guides, but this works with the pride of our community showing them we are there cheering and encouraging their chosen path to excel and advance.

For those of us who have lived through the transitioning of the Natchez School System since 1968, it gives life to dreams that can come true through the work of our community united and committed to growing. We were young, naïve, and mostly confused with the shifting of students and instructors to meet the wants and needs of political ambitions while forgetting the need to provide the students with the tools to advance their curriculum and social needs to be successful in changing times. Now we are the elders and leaders of the community with children and grandchildren beginning their journey with the tools and curriculum provided to give them the wisdom and ability to advance both academically and socially.

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